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I had the great pleasure of working with Vicky Mulholland on a daily basis over the past 5 years. We worked together on the show Legends of Tomorrow. That show had a large ensemble cast, was visiting a new time period or two every week, and had rigorous action, visual effects, and specialized needs.

First and foremost, Vicky’s work was beautiful, and creative. She always designed stuff that was above and beyond what we thought was possible. Her clothes made the cast look beautiful. Her entire operation put everyone at ease, and she was very nimble when it came to navigating the needs of our large cast.

Logistically we threw all sorts of challenges her way; from WWI battle scenes with 100 extras, to an epic party set in Versailles in the 1790’s. She was always very clear about what she could deliver and never disappointed.

Each week was almost like a new show and Vicky is the sort of team member that seemed to thrive in that high pressure and creative environment. Her artistry was critical to the success of our show.

Kevin Mock

Co-Executive Producer - Legends of Tomorrow

I worked closely with Vicky on 88 episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Warner Bros./CW). She is, quite simply, a miracle worker. Legends had a large ensemble who traveled through time. This meant that Vicky had to design, produce, and fit wardrobe for a large number of cast and extras in multiple locations and time periods — all on a broadcast schedule and budget.

To be honest, I don’t know how she did it. As just one example of a typical Legends episode, I directed an episode where Vicky had to dress the cast in costumes that evoked — but didn’t directly copy — such television shows as Star Trek, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Downton Abey, and Friends all appearing in a single episode. Not for nothing, but Vicky won a Leo Award (Canada’s equivalent of an Emmy) for that episode.

Although I describe Vicky as a miracle worker — and she is — the real miracle is that she is able to produce such incredible, award-winning work while continuing to be one of the most lovely, kind, and patient people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

I would jump at the very first chance to work with Vicky again. I sincerely hope that you do the same.

Marc Guggenheim

Screenwriter, Producer, Writer, Director